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   spiritual guide, meditation teacher,

mentor & artist.


Hi, my love, welcome! I'm a Spiritual Godmother to my students and clients because my work is to support you to remember who you really are

I create spaces for you to befriend and learn from all parts of yourself, even the "sticky, hard" ones. I'll teach you tools (ones that helped me) to forgive the past, make a home in your body, and share your story because we all have something to say!

This is the path of inner freedom, love, and connection. Where you learn how to be of benefit to yourself and others.

I'm a devoted Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner, yogi, artist, and trained in Contemplative Psychotherapy. I believe that whatever you're experiencing is worthwhile, and the perfect "fertilizer" for your healing. All you need is support and the right tools.

I just returned from a 3-month retreat in Nepal, and I'm ready to share what I learned. My 1:1 mentorship and group programs are visionary roadmaps for a life of compassion and expression. This is not a dress rehearsal.

If you're looking for inspiration, practices, community, and play - you've arrived and I’m so excited to be with you soon!


read my story

"I am beyond grateful to Moun for sharing her present heart, deep wisdom, and loving compassion with me; for always seeing my beautiful, whole, and perfect soul; for being the brightest and most marvelous light; and for reflecting back to me - time and again- that I am (that we all are) always ‘Enough.’"

 Meghan Kay

"The practices and exercises that Moun shared with us so generously allowed me to recognize fears, and protective shields I had placed around myself years ago, and have been holding me back from living the life I want, from fully embodying who I am and who I aspire to become. I am finding that my desire to be authentic, to share my story and myself authentically, is *now* much stronger than any fear of being judged."

Paula Dltm

"You have an incredible gift of holding space for others to be completely seen, heard, loved, and supported without judgment. You have opened me up to see, notice, feel and be with my unlimited potential. I am inspired by you every single day. There have been countless occurrences in my life since we’ve been working together where I have transformed."

Steph Strauss

"Moun has helped me accept and appreciate myself and my story fully. Her method for helping her students and clients is gentle, effective, and unique. I am so grateful to have a spiritual guide like Moun. She truly cares about our progress. I love her techniques and exercises. If you are thinking about joining her courses and program, jump right in."

Shivani Singh 

Your life is your spiritual practice, your masterpiece.


This is the kind of practice that works, it really does.

Book me to speak or bring me to your office:

  • Guided meditations, breathing techniques, and team-building tools
  • Community, compassion, and creative expression
  • Why we need to skillfully look back to move forward 
  • Buddhist teachings for modern feminine expression
  • The foundational healing aspect of storytelling 
  • Practical Buddhism for today's world and challenges
  • The real meaning of mindfulness and meditation  
  • Specifically designed programs and sessions


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