Hello love, my name is Moun.


I'm a spiritual teacher, meditation guide, and speaker. I'm also a spiritual godmother to all my students and clients!
I support people to find strength and courage in their own lived experiences. My mentorship is a foundation for them to the deep work of transformation and empowerment. I act as a reminder and a cheerleader while womxn and people of all walks of life uncover their warrior hearts, their fierce, capable, and innately worthy true nature. All that I share is rooted in my Tibetan Buddhist studies and my lived experiences. From growing up in Brazil to being an immigrant, modeling on an International TV show to meditating in sacred caves in the Solukhumbu Valley, traveling the world in constant practice. I'm really an artist at heart, facing and dancing with the challenges of life. I am devoted to being an inspiration, offering these teachings to all people, and inviting folks to liberate their innate potential through practice, community, and creative expression. Click here for our Practice Club, and learn more about the group programs.

My approach is "Embrace all parts of you, get ready to get your hands dirty to get free, up-cycle your past, because this life is not a dress rehearsal, you have something to say, and the world needs to hear you." The method combines Tibetan Buddhism, my training in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Nalanda University, breathwork, Traditional Tantra Yoga, and Hatha Yoga.

Trust me, my love, all of this is brought to you with my practical yet deeply heartful, approachable, and fun big-sister-ally special sauce.

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Welcome to our Practice Club, a community of powerhouses healing together! Because community is the whole path, spiritual friends are the mirrors of our best qualities. Here's a bit of what you can expect in the course:

  • Becoming a female-identified example of fierce wisdom
  • Radical self-acceptance and making peace with your past
  • Mastering communication, relationships, and emotions
  • Learning to trust yourself + create an impact in the world
  • Feeling safe and inspired in your body, and more...
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Let's connect! Do you want to have me come and speak at your event, or discuss a collaboration? I specialize in speaking/sharing about Tibetan Buddhism and womxn in the modern world, the method of upcycling your past, your family are your biggest teachers, and more! Reach out and send me a note!

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  The work I do with clients and students 1:1 is profound and empowering, towards liberation and genuine self-expression. Together we create a safe space for you to feel seen, held, and witnessed. I will support you to upcycle your past, feel at home in your body, and live out your highest vision. You will uncover your warrior heart and power. 

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