Hi love, I'm Moun-

Your new Spiritual Godmother! Being of service to you and the world is one of my biggest excitements. My mission is to help you make peace with your past, uncover your power, and offer you a community of fellow powerhouses like yourself. My big-sister love will help you feel safe to express yourself fully and uncover the wisdom and joy that are already within you. Because the world needs you, and this is not a dress rehearsal. And yes, you are worthy of a life of practice and inspiration.

Hello, Powerhouse!

My name is Moun, and I’m here to help you to find strength and courage in your story. To help you see that you are innately worthy of life beyond measure. To remind you that you are powerful and capable. To share with you all the lessons that I have learned along my own journey.

Think of me as your big sister, ready with compassion and real talk. My approach is warm and fearless. I am your tough-love support and your biggest ally. I want to help you feel safe in your body and enable your sense of agency to help you live a happy, authentic, and emboldened life. The world needs you - and deep down, you know this is not a dress rehearsal!

My transformational teaching and mentoring methods were inspired by the time I spent healing my own spiritual, psychological, and physical wounds and finding empowerment. My teachings combine Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, contemplative psychotherapy, breathwork, Traditional Tantra yoga, and Hatha yoga. All of this expertise has been combined and distilled into grounded, practical, approachable, and fun methods that fit easily into and level-up your lifestyle.

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We need one-on-one support, guidance, and accountability to uncover our truth and power; I'm here for you! Because the world needs you - and deep down, you know this is not a dress rehearsal! This is an important time to develop a foundation that reminds you you can endure and get through anything. ‚Äč

My transformational mentoring techniques will support you with tried-and-true tools to deal with anxiety, doubt, and fear + uncover the part of you that is filled with trust and possibility.

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 90 min Empowerment Session + Course

A legendary experience that will revamp your healing and self-expression or deepen what you are already working with. In case you are not ready to commit to a 3-month program, this option is a perfect reset to remind you of how capable you truly are.

This is a no bs, truly transformational session. Included in this bundle:

  • 90 min zoom empowerment session
  • 10-day Course: Cultivating the Natural Qualities of the Heart
  • Follow up email with guidance and integration
  • Individual road map for your daily upkeep
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  • Uncovering your self-worth
  • Radical self-acceptance and making peace with your past
  • Anxiety and depression management
  • Relationships: friendships, romance, and family dynamics
  • Care-taking of self and others
  • Learning to trust yourself and discovering a sense of agency
  • Body image issues & feeling safe in your body
  • Realizing you are worthy of healing and rewriting your story
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