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A place to fertilize, magnify and harvest your wildest dreams. 
Create your visions through love and leadership.
All that you are is already dormant within you, it just needs the right conditions for it to blossom, and flourish. This is your heart-lead creative expression. 
This program is designed to inspire you to unlock your own insights and help you to creatively express yourself, be a heart-led leader, and inspire others.
Embark on a journey to alchemize your fears, and be a force of love in every moment. 
A deep and intimate 3- month program with Moun. Each group will be with 6/8 women starting the week of February 1st, 2023. 
Aside from 1:1 mentorship, this program is the most in-depth of its kind, intended for the serious practitioner who is ready to love and lead.
A container for those willing and ready to lead as love. 
If you are a facilitator, a coach, healer, teacher, therapist, artist, friend, mother, sister, or seeker- and you want to practice genuine creative feminine leadership, this is for you. 
Moun will help you uncover, and embody your own thing. She will share her most intimate methods, and time-tested practices to lead from love. 
For the lover of all things true, wild, and beautiful. An experience where the lover and the leader in you come together with motivation and intensity to express and serve, fiercely.
An in-depth exploration and study of your inner world and how your heart and creative powers can lead and impact your world. 
Join Moun and the community, devoted to the path of intimacy, expression, and freedom. This is an opportunity to do something incredible with your life.
Participants will also be guided by Moun on half-day and full-day self-retreats, to integrate and expand the realizations.


I'm ready!




• Genuine expression instead of curating yourself.
• Conscious communication for every relationship.
• Uncover the power in your story and the heart-led leader in you.
• Inner child + reparenting + Buddhist view on Karma.
• How to be ruthlessly intentional.
• You are not for everyone, find what is your special sauce.
• The muse, the beloved, the leader in you.
• How to dance with imposter syndrome, and create anyway.
• Your freedom comes from discipline and honesty.
• The daily habits that build your Legacy.
• Leading from love in every aspect of your life.


  • 10 x (2-hour) live zoom group sessions throughout the 3-month program.
  • 2 special (60min) 1:1 sessions with Moun.
  • Sessions include teachings, discussions, guided practices, rituals, meditations, Q&A, embodiment exercises, sacred theater, group practices, and breakout room dialogues.
  • Individual guidance, and feedback from Moun in each session.
  • Access to recordings for one year.
  • Whatsapp community group for weekly check-ins and accountability. 
  • Practice in partners to exercise holding others' hearts and receive feedback. 
  • Opportunity to build deep relationships with every woman in the group. 




  • Spaces are limited to 8 women, for the most intimate and powerful experience. 
  • Live Group sessions will be on Saturdays 12-2 pm EST
  •  Private sessions with Moun can be scheduled anytime throughout the 3-month program. 





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Payment Plan options: 2 monthly payments of $1200 or 4 mp x $600. For scholarship inquiries and any other questions please email: [email protected]



About Your Mentor:

Moun is a spiritual mentor, meditation teacher, and artist. She supports her clients and students to forgive, feel at home in their bodies, and have agency in their lives. Through her extensive Tibetan Buddhist studies, her contemplative psychotherapy training, a life devoted to practice, and embodied techniques - she is here to help you remember who you really are. To guide you to lead your own life from love and for love. It's time for you to experience joy, compassion, and genuine connection daily.


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"She creates a safe space that helps us, students, to open up and speak freely. She always listened to me with undivided attention and understood what I was trying to say even when it wasn't very clear to me in the first place :) I learned to see things from another perspective, be patient, accept the things that I cannot change, and many other life-changing tools that are helping me go through life with more ease. I wish anyone could have the possibility to work with Moun because learning from her makes life more interesting and effortless. A session with Moun is the best investment one can do!" - Sara


"Working with Moun held a mirror up to pieces of me that were long neglected. Her deep listening is a balm to the soul and I left every conversation feeling lifted and clear. Aside from helping me navigate some self-limiting beliefs as I step into a more visible role in my business, she offered practices that helped me channel self-compassion, connection, and forgiveness, and expand into a higher version of myself. Moun is a gifted spiritual guide and anyone who endeavors to work with her has a healing gift in store." - Whitney  


 "I loved this program so so much, was surprised to realize there was even some sadness when it was done. It felt like deep, healing, transformative, loving work and I am filled with gratitude that I had the blessing of being a part of it." - Paula


"I’ve been so very fortunate to have taken Moun’s courses over this past year and beyond.  The breathwork exercises have been so helpful in enabling me to ground and open to the present moment, and to notice what else is here. Each week there is a theme and a homework focus which address the aspects of being a muse. Some encouraged me to be my creative self and dream about my life, while others propelled me into my warrior and radical self beyond my comfort zone.  Working with a group of incredible women, sharing our journeys from week to week and staying connected as a community is testimony to the kind of beautiful souls and powerhouses Moun attracts into her sphere. Moun has been so incredibly supportive and inspiring in my own specific journey over this time, and words cannot express my gratitude to her dedication, love and care. I have been constantly inspired by her dedication to her own practice and dreams and her ability to welcome all of life’s challenges with such grace and power. Thank you, my dear friend and teacher Moun". - Rosanne


"Having this beautiful and sacred community of amazing and inspiring women! Hearing everyone's stories and progression or struggles was so inspiring and heartwarming." - Emilie


"Where to begin...I really didn't know where l was going to start with my self-work with Moun. I was nervous and unsure but knew in my heart that l wanted change in my life without any outside judgments. So l jumped in and so my journey began. Right out of the gate l connected with Moun like an old friend who already knew me best.  But also questioned me in a kind and compassionate way. After each session l would walk away feeling lighter but also a little more self-aware and grounded.  I really wanted to open my heart and begin to live my life under the guidance of Buddha.  Moun has helped me lay the foundation that l needed to feel confident in my spiritual journey which will no doubt be a lifetime! I will always be indebted to Moun for her unconditional love and holistic guidance. She is truly a unique human." - Halina 


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