Testimonials from clients and students:


“There are not enough words in any language to capture the impact that working with Moun has had on my life. I am truly honored to have Her with me on this wild and beautiful ride. Present and open, with gentle reminders and firm encouragement, Moun has lovingly guided me to my truest, purest self. Choosing to embark and to remain on the path of self-love has been the most challenging and important work I believe I will ever do. I am beyond grateful to Moun for sharing her present heart, deep wisdom, and loving compassion with me; for always seeing my beautiful, whole, and perfect soul; for being the brightest and most marvelous light; and for reflecting back to me - time and again- that I am (that we all are) always ‘Enough.’” - Meghan Kay


"Working with Moun held a mirror up to pieces of me that were long neglected. Her deep listening is a balm to the soul and I left every conversation feeling lifted and clear. Aside from helping me navigate some self-limiting beliefs as I step into a more visible role in my business, she offered practices that helped me channel self-compassion, connection and forgiveness, and expand into a higher version of myself. Moun is a gifted spiritual guide and anyone who endeavors to work with her has a healing gift in store." - Whitney Baker


"Working with Moun has been deeply transformational on all levels.  She holds a potent space that invites more possibilities while illuminating blindspots with tenderness and compassion.  She is a rare gem in her level of devotion to this work and it comes through in her presence - just being in conversation with her feels like it's unlocking codes for liberation, love, and compassion.  The internal upgrades I have gone through during our time working together have translated externally to my relationships, career, and beyond.  Working with Moun is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself and the benefits of this work continue to and will continue to ripple in all areas of my life." - Brighid B

“Moun is an incredible guide and teacher. As a true powerhouse herself, she is a beacon of light. What I like is how she pushes you to think differently. Through her teaching and examples, it helped me to reframe a lot of my viewpoints of Self. One course is definitely not enough to gain the benefits of working with her. I've already enrolled in a second program!” - Gretchen Harnick


“Working with Moun has been LIFE CHANGING. She has taught me so many practices and ideas that have helped me develop a new friendship with myself and radically shift my perception of the world around me. I now live every day with gratitude, inspiration, enthusiasm, and love. She has truly become one of my dearest teachers and my great spiritual godmother.” - Dominique Dela Cruz.

“Moun’s work is absolutely amazing! Through the practices, she teaches it’s possible to live with more awareness, happiness, connection, and alignment! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to experience her teachings, and I’m proud to be part of her community!!! I love her”. - Leticia Cardoso 

“Moun is genuine and dedicated, multicultural and compassionate, peaceful and yet strongly passionate about her message, and you can’t seem not to be entranced with her teachings because it comes from such an authentic place. All these qualities show in her programs. Her unmatched respect for spiritual living and healing is immeasurable. Hands down, her programs are one of the most inspiring and transformational spaces I’ve ever attended. I’m forever grateful for her presence in my life.”  - Jeanette Keisar 

“Moun has helped me accept and appreciate myself and my story fully. Her method for helping her students and clients is gentle, effective, and unique. I am so grateful to have a spiritual guide like Moun. She over-delivers in each session and truly cares about our progress. I love her techniques and exercises. If you are thinking about joining her courses and program, jump right in.” - Shivani Singh



“Life-changing. This comes to mind when I think of my spiritual journey. Moun shows up with such a realness and relentlessness that literally pours over into my daily life. There are no compromises. The journey is a beautiful dance of hard work and accountability. The gift is the freedom and joy that come with it.  I am forever grateful.” - Nadia Lynn Sheikh

“Working with this incredible woman has been extraordinary. Moun has unlocked something in me, this newfound confidence as a facilitator and openness to all of the wisdom of my heart. Ever since I have worked with her, I have cultivated more trust in myself and my ability to embrace who I am fully. I feel completely aligned with who I am and the work I am supposed to be sharing - and because of this, there has been so much MAGIC IS HAPPENING UNFOLDING MY LIFE. Moun, I thank you endlessly every single day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - Stephanie Strauss 

“After years of working on my healing and taking that dive within on my own, I reached a point where I realized the next stage of the journey required community and meaningful connection with others on a similar path… which is the reason I started this program.  As a profoundly introverted and shy person, for many years, I experienced a lot of anxiety, apprehension, and fear around speaking, and especially when speaking about myself. During the course, it became very clear how all this time I had protected myself from rejection, judgment, and failure by making myself small, by hiding my true freaky self and my power - even from myself.  The practices and exercises that Moun shared with us so generously allowed me to recognize those fears, those protective shields I had placed around myself years ago, have been holding me back from living the life I want, from fully embodying who I am and who I aspire to become. What is more, I am finding that my desire to be authentic, to share my story and my Self authentically, is *now* much stronger than any fear of being judged. By the end of the program, I was feeling excitement instead of anxiety, anticipation instead of dread, with every opportunity to share vulnerably and whole-heartedly. Now I know how much I have always craved this kind of deep connection and how necessary, how vital, and how precious it is to have spaces that invite us to open our hearts and get real with others. My deepest gratitude Moun for this unique, beautiful, and healing experience.”  - Paula Dltm

“Moun is an inspirational teacher and true lighthouse these days! Her passion and her dedication to each of us in the group were such a privilege. I looked forward each week to the Wednesday evening live calls, and it was a true delight to witness our becoming under her guidance”. - Rosanne Awadalla


“Coaching with Moun was an amazing experience. I’ve worked with a few different coaches, but none as kind, loving, and empathetic as Moun. I felt so supported during my time working with her and could tell she truly cared about her clients. On top of being such a warm and loving person, she held me accountable for putting in the work to really be the best version of myself, and I grew so much from her coaching. She consistently pushed me past my comfort zone and helped me overcome many limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that I had been carrying around. I was going through a very challenging time in my personal life while we worked together, and she made me feel like I really had a support system and a partner to help navigate it, and for that, I will be forever grateful.” - Natalie Johnson

“Where to begin...I really didn't know where l was going to start with my self-work with Moun. I was nervous and unsure but knew in my heart that I wanted to change in my life without any outside judgments. So I jumped in, and so my journey began; right out of the gate, l connected with Moun like an old friend who already knew me best.  But also questioned me in a kind and compassionate way. After each session, l would walk away feeling lighter but also a little more self-aware and grounded.  I really wanted to open my heart and begin to live my life under the guidance of Buddha.  Moun has helped me lay the foundation that l needed to feel confident in my spiritual journey, which will no doubt be a lifetime! I will always be indebted to Moun for her unconditional love and holistic guidance. She is truly a unique human”.  - Halina Jakowenko



“ Moun helped me set wildly improbable goals, make commitments around emotional regulation and step back into my power. I tackled old feelings of not being worthy, falling in love with my body and opening my heart and enjoying this wonderful gift of life.” - Michelle Brown

“Moun has helped me put into action what I've read in books. She has a loving way of guiding so many practices that bring me closer to who I truly am. The way she explains everything makes so much sense because she shares her experiences and her heart.” - Vanessa Vega


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