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Modern Dakini: 7-Day Course

Hello my love!

Modern Dakini 7-day Course is a very special one. This is an at-home, at your own pace experience, packed with teachings, practices, and rituals of a DAKINI. 

  • Redefine what it means to be a devoted female-identified practitioner committed to truth and love.

  • Liberate and empower your inner artist, the wise poet, the freaky, wild and free—the one who makes art out of all of life.

  • Dedicate yourself to the healing of all, and experience the true fulfillment of life.

  • Transform your deepest fears into fierce creativity. 

  • Master the dualities: hold grief and gratitude, beauty and power, sensuality and sexuality together, integrated into your being.

  • Embody the secret wisdom of inhabiting your own unique body in your own way.


I have immersed myself in these teachings, and m life continues to transform. I’m honored to share these teachings and empowerment with you. 

In each session you will receive a discourse, journaling exercises, meditations and practical techniques for your daily life of becoming a Modern Dakini.

I'm celebrating you for this powerful choice towards your healing and liberation. 

All my love x MOUN



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • This is an at home course, all 7 sessions will all be available once you register, you may watch them at your convenience.
  • You will have unlimited access to this at “your own pace” course.
  • This is an online course with no in person sessions.

*All Purchases are Final*


What People Are Saying:

The Modern Dakini course was powerful. Everyone always talks about "doing the work" but I never knew what that really meant until taking this course with Moun. We learned tangible tools that we can use for the rest of our lives to connect to self and spirit. I let go of the shame and regret I had around my younger party days. I have been on the sobriety journey for 4 years but finally felt free of all shame around claiming sobriety through a meditation I did in this course. I talked to my younger self in a guided meditation, healed the wounds and got the clarity and inspiration to help others with sobriety. If you're on the fence, take this course! Moun's energy and genuine love and passion is unmatched!


The practices and exercises that Moun shared with us so generously allowed me to recognize how those fears, those protective shields I had placed around myself years ago, have been holding me back from living the life I want, from fully embodying who I am and who I aspire to become. What is more, I am finding that my desire to be authentic, to share my story and my Self authentically, is *now* much stronger than any fear of being judged. By the end of the program I was feeling excitement instead of anxiety, anticipation instead of dread, with every opportunity to share vulnerably and whole-heartedly. Now I know how much I have always craved this kind of deep connection and how necessary, how vital, and how precious it is to have spaces that invite us to open our hearts and get real with others.


I feel completely aligned with who I am and the work I am supposed to be sharing - and because of this there has been so much MAGIC IS HAPPENING UNFOLDING MY LIFE. Moun, I thank you endlessly every single day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.