The Modern Dakini Group Program




Show up for every aspect of your life.

Befriend your mind.

Use your emotions to uncover your wisdom.

Feel at home in your body. 


“A Dakini in Tibetan Buddhism is a female messenger of wisdom, an outstanding practitioner, with immeasurable intuitive force. Despite their gentleness and humor, the qualities of a Dakini are direct, sharp, intelligent, radical, and courageous. The Tibetan word for Dakini, Khandro, means sky-dancer. To really meet the Dakini, you have to go beyond duality.”






  • You feel there's more for you to express in your relationships.
  • You are ready to understand the inner workings of your mind.
  • You are tired of deflecting your needs, desires, dreams, and past experiences.
  • You are ready to practice discernment - the willingness to feel, be heard, ask, be embarrassed, and be seen.
  • You are done feeling less than by parts of your past. Ready to integrate your inner home. 
  • You are ready to stretch the edges of your comfort zone and experience more of your potential, and life.
  • You are ready to use your body, speech, and thoughts to skillfully express your innate love and wisdom.
  • You want to expand your capacity to hold space for others, learn new practices for your offerings, or are ready to start sharing your gifts. 
  • You are tired of recreating old patterns, the same relationships, and experiences that keep you stuck in the loop of comparing, shame, and judgment. 
  • You are ready to go deeper. To be seen for all of who you are. 
  • You want new tools for intimacy, courage, and creative expression.
  • You have previously participated in a Modern Dakini course with Moun and want the next stage of practices and teachings.
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"The weekly homework assignments helped keep me focused and provided much-needed structure to my spiritual development! I also loved hearing about other women's experiences with their practices and seeing their transformation over a long period of time. Last but not least, Moun's bright energy and insight are infectious and SO needed!" - Dominique



We come together to plant seeds of love and creativity in our minds that will blossom as our future experiences.

When we are intentional with our actions, and how we show up - we can be an inspiration for ourselves and everyone around us.

Whether you want financial prosperity, forgiveness, romantic relationships, or clarity to share your gifts – this program will support your heart's desires. We will support you to live YOUR life.


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This 8-week program is for women to transform their triggers, current challenges, and unspoken needs into genuine creative expression. To invoke love beyond the standard.

"Moun is an incredible guide and teacher. As a true powerhouse herself, she is a beacon of light. What I like is how she pushes you to think differently. Through her teaching and examples, it helped me to reframe a lot of my viewpoints of Self. One course is definitely not enough to gain the benefits of working with her. I've already enrolled in a second program!" - Gretchen



Week 1: The Vision + The Inner Home (intro)

  • The Dakini principles.
  • Seeing everything as an opportunity to practice.
  • Healing the inner child + expressing the inner teenager.
  • Learn to work with your inner mandala: attention, beliefs, desires, body + Buddha-nature.

 Week 2: The Mind + The Actions

  • Discernment and deflecting defense: inner wisdom x trauma response.
  • Unraveling limiting beliefs and mind training. 
  • How you see the world is based on what's already in your mind.
  • Skillful speech, thoughts, and actions + integrating intellect and intuition.

 Week 3: The Nature of Love + The Emotions (intro)

  • Courage to act and relate from unconditional love.
  • Daily practices to activate parasympathetic response: chant, sing, breathe, move, meditate.
  • Communicate unspoken needs in every relationship.
  • Express and learn from your joy, sadness, gratitude, grief, anger, and bliss.

 Week 4: The Relationships + The Inner Home + The Emotions

  • Internal family systems, and working with the Inner Critic.
  • Sacred theater practice to meet and express parts of your inner home, needs, and emotions.
  • The foundations of true intimacy with self and others.
  • Five wisdom Dakinis, and how to incorporate that into your modern life.

 Week 5: The Body + The Reconciliation + The Letting Go

  • Release psychological blocks from your physical body through attention + breath + movement.
  • Forgiveness and regret as the way forward.
  • Uncovering the gifts from your inner edges and wounds.
  • Your sensual expression, and sexual desires as a Dakini.

 Week 6: The Paradox + The Habituating

  • How to embody the Dakini in you in your daily life.
  • The sacred actions of habituating the true you.
  • Daily paradox: simultaneously human and divine.
  • How to hold each other accountable, feel witnessed, and healing female friendship wounds.

 Week 7: The Motivation + The Mystery

  • The politics of a genuine spiritual practice.
  • How to stay open in the face of suffering, and do something about it.
  • Trusting the mystery of each moment, and your past karmic seeds.
  • The daily deep dive: integrating your realizations.

 Week 8: The Community + The Commitment

  • Community is the path.
  • Advanced integration practices.
  • Final presentations and commitments.
  • Closing ceremony.

About Your Mentor:

Moun is a spiritual mentor, meditation teacher, and artist. She supports her clients and students to forgive, feel at home in their bodies, and have agency in their lives. Through her extensive Tibetan Buddhist studies, her contemplative psychotherapy training, a life devoted to practice, and embodied techniques - she is here to help you remember who you really are. It's time for you to experience joy, compassion, and genuine connection daily.


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In each session you will experience:


➤ Opening breath and meditation practice + Motivation Prayer. 

➤ Teachings: Combining Tibetan Buddhism + Contemplative Psychotherapy based on the week's topic.

➤ Guided + Group Practices: breathing, meditation, journaling, sacred theater, storytelling + embodied techniques.

➤ Group Share + Q&A. 

➤ Closing Practice + Dedication Prayer.


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"Moun makes you feel seen and heard. She encourages you to take up space even when you are uncomfortable to do so. She stretches you beyond what you ever thought could be possible and she opens your heart to the truth of who you are. And she does so in the most tender and loving way that you feel safe to be vulnerable and share things you have never shared with anyone. She opens your heart to feeling alive, to feeling what it is really like to be a human being in the 21st century, to feel all of humanity, to realize how interconnected we all are and that our life is our practice." - Stephanie 




Group live sessions on Saturdays, include Tibetan Buddhist teachings, explorations, individual & partner practices, embodiment exercises including breathwork, mantra and sacred theater, Q&A, discussions, and meditations.


You will have access to a private Whatsapp group to share, connect, and deepen relationships. A way to stay in touch in between sessions, and support one another.


If you are unable to make the live sessions, recordings will be available within 48 hours of each session. You will have access to all recordings for one year.


You will have access to Moun via email and voice notes for questions or specific support you need throughout the program. You can count on her honest and loving guidance. You will also have opportunities for hot-seat mentoring during the live sessions. 


In each session, Moun will offer you specifically designed embodiment practices for you to do at home and integrate into your daily life. Creative stretching practices and journaling prompts to expand your new findings.


You will receive one 60 min private mentorship session with Moun. This is an opportunity for in-depth 1-1 support and guidance from Moun. Price is included in the program tuition.  

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 "Moun’s teachings and guidance remain the portal to getting to know myself, to loving myself, to accepting myself and to seeing myself all the way for the first time — the masterpiece that is me, that is somewhere in all of us. This is it, the journey of discovery and I’m on this ride for life." - Nicole D.






Payment plans of 2 or 3 x monthly payments are available.

Live Call Schedule on Saturdays:


September 24, 12- 2pm ET.
October 1, 12- 2pm ET.
October 8, 12- 2pm ET.
 October 15, 12- 2pm ET.
October 22, 12- 2pm ET.
October 29, 12- 2pm ET.
November 5, 12- 2pm ET.
November 12, 12- 2pm ET.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What participants have said from previous programs with Moun:


 "I loved this program so so much, was surprised to realize there was even some sadness when it was done. It felt like deep, healing, transformative, loving work and I am filled with gratitude that I had the blessing of being a part of it." - Paula


"I’ve been so very fortunate to have taken Moun’s courses over this past year and beyond.  The breathwork exercises have been so helpful in enabling me to ground and open to the present moment, and to notice what else is here. Each week there is a theme and a homework focus which address the aspects of being a muse. Some encouraged me to be my creative self and dream about my life, while others propelled me into my warrior and radical self beyond my comfort zone.  Working with a group of incredible women, sharing our journeys from week to week and staying connected as a community is testimony to the kind of beautiful souls and powerhouses Moun attracts into her sphere. Moun has been so incredibly supportive and inspiring in my own specific journey over this time, and words cannot express my gratitude to her dedication, love and care. I have been constantly inspired by her dedication to her own practice and dreams and her ability to welcome all of life’s challenges with such grace and power. Thank you, my dear friend and teacher Moun". - Rosanne


"Having this beautiful and sacred community of amazing and inspiring women! Hearing everyone's stories and progression or struggles was so inspiring and heartwarming." - Emilie


"Where to begin...I really didn't know where l was going to start with my self-work with Moun. I was nervous and unsure but knew in my heart that l wanted change in my life without any outside judgments. So l jumped in and so my journey began. Right out of the gate l connected with Moun like an old friend who already knew me best.  But also questioned me in a kind and compassionate way. After each session l would walk away feeling lighter but also a little more self-aware and grounded.  I really wanted to open my heart and begin to live my life under the guidance of Buddha.  Moun has helped me lay the foundation that l needed to feel confident in my spiritual journey which will no doubt be a lifetime! I will always be indebted to Moun for her unconditional love and holistic guidance. She is truly a unique human." - Halina 


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