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Change your narrative, express creatively, and stop worrying about your reputation: SPEAK UP!


In this 2-hour masterclass, I will share tools to help you free your voice, feel empowered to change the narrative of your story, and share your creative expression with others. 


The sound of your voice is profound healing nectar to your wounds and your needsFree your voice to give space to your story, your truth, and what sets you free.  


This is for you if you:

  • Want to awaken YOUR voice 
  • Want to fall in love with you voice, and your story
  • Want to speak, and express yourself with courage and confidence 
  • Are tired of falling into guilt, shame, and self-conscious patterns when speaking up and/or telling your story
  • Are ready to change the narrative of your story to one that’s empowering
  • Want tools to speak up in challenging situations, and difficult conversations
  • Often have a bitter after taste kind of feeling when you hold back from sharing YOUR story


We build and deepen relationships by expressing ourselves. Join us to learn how to genuinely communicate what is in your heart right now. The world needs to HEAR YOU!


In this masterclass, you will learn ways to: 

  • Hear your inner wisdom, your intuition 
  • Use your voice to take care of and embrace all parts of yourself
  • Give yourself the permission you seek to use your voice
  • Use discernment to know when to speak and when to hold space 
  • Access your inner well of creativity through communicating yourself freely
  • Communicate from your heart and potential instead of your conditioning 
  • Use conscious communication and non-violent communication techniques to communicate and find meaning in life’s constant ups and downs


Everyone has a story to tell, it’s time to use your voice to tell yours freely.




Learn practical and playful techniques from breathing, vocal release, sacred theater, visualization, and meditation. Feel equipped and empowered in your communications, relationships, and creative expression.


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Masterclass Details:


The live session will be on Saturday, August 20th at 1 PM ET for 2 hours.  Zoom meeting details and how to join will be emailed to you 24 hours before the live session on Friday, August 19th. 
The recording will be available for 30 days following the live class. If you need extra time to watch the recording, please email [email protected] 
The recording will be emailed to everyone who’s registered 48 hours after the live session, on Monday, August 22nd.
This is a space of open and compassionate practice, self-inquiry, and connection. This session is for everybody, and while everyone is different these are practices and teachings that have supported me. There are no solutions for everyone. This is an opportunity for you to uncover, and liberate the inner wise teacher and healer within you. I am here to mirror that to you and help you embody the most genuine true you. My hope and intention are to support you in meeting the places closest to your heart.
Scholarships are offered for BIPOC & people who need support, email: [email protected]
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What participants have said from previous programs with Moun:


"The weekly homework assignments helped keep me focused and provided much-needed structure to my spiritual development! I also loved hearing about other women's experiences with their practices and seeing their transformation over a long period of time. Last but not least, Moun's bright energy and insight are infectious and SO needed!" - Dominique


"Having this beautiful and sacred community of amazing and inspiring women! Hearing everyone's stories and progression or struggles was so inspiring and heartwarming." - Emilie


"I loved this program so so much, was surprised to realize there was even some sadness when it was done. It felt like deep, healing, transformative, loving work and I am filled with gratitude that I had the blessing of being a part of it." - Paula


"Where to begin...I really didn't know where l was going to start with my self-work with Moun. I was nervous and unsure but knew in my heart that l wanted change in my life without any outside judgments. So l jumped in and so my journey began. Right out of the gate l connected with Moun like an old friend who already knew me best.  But also questioned me in a kind and compassionate way. After each session l would walk away feeling lighter but also a little more self-aware and grounded.  I really wanted to open my heart and begin to live my life under the guidance of Buddha.  Moun has helped me lay the foundation that l needed to feel confident in my spiritual journey which will no doubt be a lifetime! I will always be indebted to Moun for her unconditional love and holistic guidance. She is truly a unique human." - Halina 


"Moun is an incredible guide and teacher. As a true powerhouse herself, she is a beacon of light. What I like is how she pushes you to think differently. Through her teaching and examples, it helped me to reframe a lot of my viewpoints of Self. One course is definitely not enough to gain the benefits of working with her. I've already enrolled in a second program!" - Gretchen


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