A space for you to bring to harmony and expression your secret, inner and outer lives, in devotion to the muse, the mission, and the potential. 


A practice group of sisterhood, devotion, creative expression, and self-initiation. 

*Apply now for the group that starts November, 2021. 


Imagine walking through life to the beat of your heart, of your breath, of your dreams. Imagine making love to each moment. Imagine having an unshakable connection to your truth. 

The longing to belong? Satiated.

The longing to be expressed? Expanded. 

The longing for ecstatic moments of connection? Met in the most unexpected corners of life. 

The feeling of aliveness in your entire body, goosebumps, and a sense of wonder, where reality feels like a dream.


Walk your life as the Muse itself, dance to the sound of the birds, and go to sleep content and satisfied because you showed up, and stayed open. Make an impact in others' lives by being the lighthouse. On this path, your presence is healing - an invitation to everyone's liberation.


These are challenging and powerful times for us all, but it can also be an opportunity for us to use our obstacles to transform pain into poetry - to be of benefit to our hearts and all people. To uncover the creative genius within you, and experience genuine freedom from the shackles of the past. 

Stop searching for places and people (that haven't taken steps towards the path of the warrior heart) to remind you of your power. 

Instead, shift all the focus back to your heart, your body, your innate wisdom, and embody the beauty of your unique path!




I’m living proof. 

I have been offering these teachings and direct experiences with my group programs for over a year, by deepening my practices and devotion to the teachings of the Secret Muses and sharing it all. I've discovered passions I didn't even know I had, uncovered more trust, respect, acceptance and integrity than ever before. 

Everyone holds this same potential. Everyone deserves this fulfillment. Including you.


I'm ready, let's do it!

This 3-month program is for those dedicated to a life of liberation and service - ready to embrace the mystery of being alive. To make love and art out of every part of their experience.


For healers, facilitators, artists, teachers, practitioners, seeking to be in community, to meet themselves more fully and to explore:


  • Empowered movement
  • Basic Goodness/Buddha Nature/God/Heart
  • Breathwork for self-regulation
  • The psychology of community 
  • Mantra & your individual devotional path
  • Buddhist view of Karma & Intuitive knowledge
  • The innate wisdom of the body
  • Sensuality & sexuality in the path of the Warrior 


Come and join us!


I want to dance and create with you, witness you, and grow with you. 

I want to help you remember The Muse in You.

I want to offer you this container, where real-life miracles happen. 

The women who have gone through programs with me have taken profound leaps in their healing, liberation, and creative expression journeys. They have met their most genuine parts, felt loved, seen, celebrated, expressed their inner artist as if their lives depended on it, because well, It does. They continue to uncover that sense of safety and belonging we are all searching for, finding it deep within themselves.


"To be witnessed, to witness others and to learn from you has been an instrumental part of my healing. You have opened me up to see, notice, feel and be with my unlimited potential". - Steph
"I loved this program so so much, was surprised to realize there was even some sadness when it was done. It felt like deep, healing, transformative, loving work and I am filled with gratitude that I had the blessing of being a part of it". - Paula
"Moun has helped me put into action what I've read in books". - Vanessa






  • Redefine what it means to be a female-identified practitioner devoted to love and freedom.
  • Self-initiate into a life-long practice of devotion, and true reliable refuge.
  • Access to your boundless truth and magnificent potential, anytime.
  • Use your healing process as fuel to create and express, make poetry, or dance, paint… whatever art form your heart longs to invoke from your pain and integration of the past.
  • Stop over-identifying with your fears, insecurities, and weaknesses, and discover a resilient strength that comes from within and never runs out.
  • Have access to tools that only depend on you to transform obstacles into opportunities.
  • Cultivate an incredible and unmistakable faith, trust, confidence in the mystery that is to be a human devoted to practice today.


⭑ What's included in this 3-month program:

  • 3 x monthly 90-min group Zoom calls (total of 9 calls)
  • 2 private Mentorship sessions with Moun
  • A private WhatsApp Community Group for connection and accountability
  • Access to the recordings for one year
  • An incredible community of like-minded Women
  • A lot of joy and healing, liberation, creative expression, and theater as healing :)
  • Practices include: breathwork, meditation, vocal toning and release, chanting, theater, empowered movement, journaling, and self-inquiry


  ⭑ Live Zoom Calls will be at 7pm EST/ 4pm PST/ 9am AEST

The weekday will be confirmed once group is finalized.


This is an intimate container, a very profound group experience, and space is limited. If you want in, let me know! Here is an opportunity to follow that tickle in your heart. I would love to do this with you! And believe me: it's going to be OVERFLOWING WITH FUN!





Embody the Muse, and become the vision, not just an idea of it

Become the kind of human you would be inspired by when looking back at your life.

Be part of a legendary community that empowers you to be the powerhouse you truly are.

Be immersed in transformational practices that have generated awakened beings for over 2500 hundred years.

Dive deep into embodied spiritual practices, and use everything as tools for liberation.





Topics Covered:


Why dedicating your life to being an inspiration is the ultimate fulfillment 

The 4 Noble Truths + working with aversion, attachment, and ignorance

The power and necessity of having alliances

Devotion, and why we need an unshakeable faith

What turns you on, what is your light switch, creative expression as freedom 

Why you, and why now?

Showing up as an open force of good in the world, no matter what

What is the story you are writing with how you're living your life?

Working with the 3 Secret Muses to become "fully alive" and whole

The ultimate mastery practice: dancing with the dualities, pain + pleasure, good + bad, justice + injustice

Vitality and sensuality: making love to every moment

Making friends with your transgressions and hidden desires; transforming resistance into pure nectar

3-Month Program Investment: 



Payment plans are available: 
2 x monthly payments of $1100 
3 x monthly payments of $735
4 x monthly payments of $550
  • Early-bird price: $2000 (before November 5th, 2021)
  • 25% off to all WOC
  • 20% off to all current students and community  
  • One partial scholarship is available (please inquire)
  • Access to all recordings for one year
I'm ready, let's GO ♡

Participants testimonials:


"Moun has an incredible gift of holding space for others to be completely seen, heard, loved, and supported without judgment. I have shared parts of me that I have never shared with others. And the more groups I do the bigger the expansion occurs. I literally feel as if I am shedding my old ways of staying small, hiding, holding, and burying parts of me I used to be so ashamed of and SPEAK MY TRUTH. And speaking my truth has opened a whole new world for me…bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. - Stephanie


To be a part of something so raw and organic has been life-changing.  In a climate where things could be dark - a light has been gifted to me.  With the tools I now have, I am able to conquer what presents itself in front of me.  Moun is a mentor.  She is a sister, a friend that shares her joy and passion so effortlessly and wholeheartedly.  I am forever grateful. - Nadia


The weekly homework assignments helped keep me focused and provided much-needed structure to my spiritual development! I also loved hearing about other women's experiences with their practices and seeing their transformation over a long period of time. Last but not least, Moun's bright energy and insight are infectious and SO needed! - Dominique


Having this beautiful and sacred community of amazing and inspiring women! Hearing everyone's stories and progression / or struggles was so inspiring and heartwarming. - Emilie


I loved this program so so much, was surprised to realize there was even some sadness when it was done. It felt like deep, healing, transformative, loving work, and I am filled with gratitude that I had the blessing of being a part of it. "- Paula



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