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My Story...


My method was birthed from my continued devotion to liberation and love. 

I was born a facilitator. This role came naturally. I grew up moderating conflicts in my family at a young age and intuitively discovered ways to facilitate and restore connections between different parties. Building bridges on which two opposing sides could meet was a skill I learned from my family dynamic and it translated effortlessly into my work. 

I will help you build bridges between you and your loved ones and the various parts of yourself – building connections and healing broken bonds.

For the last 8 years, I've been immersed in the Practice. Vajrayana Buddhism, Hatha yoga, Contemplative Psychotherapy, feeling, breathing, expressing, community, and always going to the edge. Going to the places that used to scare me, meeting all parts of myself, and others, forgiving old wounds and really becoming who I came here to be. This sounds easy but it's definitely one of the hardest things one can do. 

I just returned from a 3-month retreat in Nepal. I've experienced a new sense of trust in myself and a deep knowing there is a path for everyone to get free and inspire others.

I've been drawn to love and connection my whole life. Sharing my story, Practice and methods affirm and empower my life daily. This is my path. I’m committed to “going there” with others, wherever there is, to helping you feel seen and heard. I will guide you to express who you really are and share the stories that shaped you. We all have a story to share and it's necessary to embrace our history, tend to our past hurts and all parts of us, as much as validate every chapter of our lives. This unlocks the courage within to stand up and share in one’s individual way.

My story has been and continues to be my beloved teacher. As I converted my hurts into wisdom and my pain into courage, I found more of myself waiting in my own experience. After immigrating to the US from Brazil at age 16, I worked as a house cleaner until I moved to New York City at 22. I was on a modeling TV competition show.  Where I was filmed every minute of the day and could not escape being seen by others, but in the end, I was not feeling seen on the inside. This was the beginning of a deep confrontation with my feelings of unworthiness. 

Later I got a modeling contract that took me overseas to live in Paris and London. While modeling was fun, filled with adventure, and I worked with incredible people, it took its toll on me. I developed eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression, and a dying long-term relationship. One day, I woke up with a desperate sense that there is more to life, and I needed to find it for myself. I knew that I needed a drastic change. I summoned all my courage and strength, left everything behind, and flew to India on a one-way ticket seeking tenderness, recovery, and answers. 

I spent years in meditation retreats, ashrams, and monasteries in India, Thailand, Indonesia, and holy caves in Nepal. I immersed myself in Vajrayana Buddhism, meditation, and a year-long contemplative psychotherapy program at Nalanda University, traditional Tantra yoga, and Hatha yoga certifications. I’ve had the privilege to study with some of the masters of our time; His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Ven Robina Courtin, Ven. Sarah Thresher, Ven. Karin Valham and Khadro-la, and I have the deepest honor of calling them my teachers.

My experience has been completely life-changing and sharing the lessons and the methods I’ve cultivated is my deepest fulfillment and my purpose in this life.  I have uncovered a potential I never knew possible until the Practice; I am determined to share what I’ve learned and help others find their version of growth, empowerment, agency, and happiness. 

Before I uncovered my spiritual heart, I was numb. My spiritual practice brought me back to life.

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