I'm here to help you remember who you really are. 

A compassionate and practical approach to getting to know your mind, opening your heart, and feeling safe in your body. To create a life you feel truly inspired by. 


1:1 Spiritual Mentorship with Moun

Your life is your spiritual practice, your masterpiece because there is not another YOU. 


Welcome to YOUR practice, designed specifically by your life and your unique choices. Because everything up to this moment has happened to bring you closer to yourself. Everything. 


  You will learn how to be kind and accept all parts of yourself as each carries essential information for you. Discover how to have difficult conversations, feel heard and let go of tendencies rooted in limiting beliefs.

Private Spiritual Teaching, Life Mentoring & Meditation


I’m here to help you integrate the lessons from your past and cultivate the discernment between what brings you closer to your truth and what keeps you stuck.   

This practice is a roadmap to befriending more parts of your story, so you can feel inspired to genuinely share your heart and anything you wish to create.


I’ve worked with leaders, mothers, CEOs (male and female), healers, artists, young adults, folks leaving 9-5p to start new careers, beginning and ending relationships, people getting sober and who have gone through disordered eating, depression, anxiety.

If you want profound spiritual teaching,  individual guidance, real inner peace, and creative expression, this mentorship is for you.


I’m here to help you:

forgive yourself and others,

feel at home in your body and

free your sense of agency in your life. 

So you can experience joy, compassion, expansion, and genuine connection daily.

Learn how to communicate your needs to yourself and all of your relationships, to express yourself powerfully, kindly, and with impact, and trust the wisdom of your body and heart.

My approach is warm and fearless. I am your tough-love support and your biggest ally. I offer you a safe place to express yourself and for us to process and practice together. I’m a mirror to your heart, your potential, and your creative freedom.

I bring years of study and retreat in ancient spiritual wisdom.

Combined with breathing techniques, play, somatic and trauma-informed methods. I use embodied and integrated stories from my life to serve your practice. 



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In this Practice you will: 

Embrace and express your inner artist (we all have one)

Rewrite limiting beliefs & embody your innate self-worth

Proactively respond to life instead of fight/flight/freeze reactivity 

Use your voice as a tool for wisdom and kindness 

Transform your past traumas into your expression and service 

Cultivate an honest and supportive relationship with your body 

Master challenging conversations 

Uncover self-trust and self-reliance

Cultivate forgiveness and radical acceptance


Sessions include:

  • A specifically designed roadmap based on your needs.  
  • Each session includes: talk/processing, stretch goals, and practice; techniques include meditation, breathwork, and journaling, all rooted in Tibetan Buddhism,  Contemplative Psychotherapy, somatic and trauma-informed methods
  • Home practices to do in between sessions.
  • Daily text/voice note support + a 15-min call in between sessions when you need it. 
  • Recorded practices to support your home practice. 
  • Business, health, and creative suggestions.
  • Sessions are 60 or 90 min, weekly or bi-weekly, 6-pack or 3-months program.


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Read what past clients and students have shared about working with Moun:


"When you meet your mentor, your teacher, your guide, it’s not something you plan - it’s something you feel. Deep, deep in your bones. All the way to the core of your heart. Moun is that to me. When I heard her voice for the first time, yes it is dripping in wisdom but also it was her striking tone that rang the bell of my suffering and said YES, invite her in, welcome her to the table, “be this mystery at the crossroads of your senses, be the meaning discovered there.” I never heard that before, that all that I am, not just the pretty parts, ALL of it is okay. It’s safe to be sad, to be scared, to be unsure. I felt cradled and held by Moun’s love and acceptance in those moments and I felt the fire in my belly and the flush on my cheeks for hours afterward as my whole being affirmed it. Moun’s teachings and guidance remain the portal to getting to know myself, to loving myself, to accepting myself and to seeing myself all the way for the first time — the masterpiece that is me, that is somewhere in all of us. This is it, the journey of discovery and I’m on this ride for life." - Nicole Difasi


"Working with Moun held a mirror up to pieces of me that were long neglected. Her deep listening is a balm to the soul and I left every conversation feeling lifted and clear. Aside from helping me navigate some self-limiting beliefs as I step into a more visible role in my business, she offered practices that helped me channel self-compassion, connection and forgiveness, and expand into a higher version of myself. Moun is a gifted spiritual guide and anyone who endeavors to work with her has a healing gift in store." - Whitney Baker


"Before each session I felt nervous and excited, nervous because I knew I would be vulnerable and that’s hard. After the sessions I felt inspired and curious. More willing to go deeper and experience more life and more love. I felt seen, held, supported.  Since I started working with Moun my life has changed in many ways. I love to wake up in the morning to a new day, before i didn’t care if I’d see the light of day again, almost wishing I wouldn’t. I find excitement in new endeavors instead of dread. I look for ways to challenge myself and find joy in it all. I have a friendship with myself that I didn’t know was possible. I am forever grateful. Moun’s unconditional love and support moves me the most about our sessions together. Moun holds me with compassion and patience while I come to realize and uncover challenges about myself and this life. She is gracious, radically honest, and wise.  She is a true spiritual godmother, teacher, and a constant reminder of what is possible." - Jenna Doyle 


"Moun makes you feel seen and heard. She encourages you to take up space even when you are uncomfortable to do so. She stretches you beyond what you ever thought could be possible and she opens your heart to the truth of who you are. And she does so in the most tender and loving way that you feel safe to be vulnerable and share things you have never shared with anyone. I have never felt so connected to any type of spiritual practice in my life until I met Moun. The way she shares and modernizes these Buddhist teachings touch me so deeply. For if there was an opportunity to be her apprentice, I would say FUCK YES! She has completely transformed the way I facilitate and helped me believe in myself to birth The RSI Method. I feel strongly that I will continue to work with Moun and support her for the rest of my life."  - Stephanie Strauss


"She creates a safe space that helps us, students, to open up and speak freely. She always listened to me with undivided attention and understood what I was trying to say even when it wasn't very clear to me in the first place :) I learned to see things from another perspective, be patient, accept the things that I cannot change, and many other life-changing tools that are helping me go through life with more ease. I wish anyone could have the possibility to work with Moun because learning from her makes life more interesting and effortless. A session with Moun is the best investment one can do!" - Sara Zavaglio


"I left our session with the feeling that everything sunk in a bit deeper and clearer and had the biggest release yet. Thank you for facilitating and guiding me to this place within. Now I know what that moment, although brief, of liberation and bliss… I know what I am practicing for." - Olivia Free


"Life-changing.  This comes to mind when I think of my spiritual journey.  Moun shows up with such a realness and relentlessness that literally pours over into my daily life.  There are no compromises.  The journey is a beautiful dance of hard work and accountability.  The gift is the freedom and joy that comes with it.  I am forever grateful." - Nadia Lynn Sheikh


"Moun helped me set wildly improbable goals, make commitments around emotional regulation and step back into my power. I tackled old feelings of not being worthy, fall in love with my body and open my heart and enjoy this wonderful gift of life." - Michelle Brown


"Where to begin...I really didn't know where l was going to start with my self-work with Moun. I was nervous and unsure but knew in my heart that l wanted change in my life without any outside judgments. So l jumped in and so my journey began. Right out of the gate l connected with Moun like an old friend who already knew me best.  But also questioned me in a kind and compassionate way. After each session l would walk away feeling lighter but also a little more self-aware and grounded.  I really wanted to open my heart and begin to live my life under the guidance of Buddha.  Moun has helped me lay the foundation that l needed to feel confident in my spiritual journey which will no doubt be a lifetime! I will always be indebted to Moun for her unconditional love and holistic guidance. She is truly a unique human." -Halina Jakowenko

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