I'm here to help you remember who you really are. 


Work 1:1 with Moun -


My clients and students (like me) have a thing for being rebellious, for challenging the status quo, with the motivation to inspire and express. This is the work towards genuine love and leadership, emotional wisdom, and meaningful relationships. 



In my private mentorship practice, I work intimately with individuals who value introspection, real self-expression, and freedom.

If you are ready to be unapologetic brave, bold, and deeply connected to your inner wisdom, to lead from love? This is for you!


"You have an incredible gift of holding space for others to be completely seen, heard, loved, and supported without judgment. I have shared parts of myself that I have never shared with others. I literally feel as if I am shedding my old ways of staying small, hiding, holding, and burying parts of me I used to be so ashamed of and SPEAK MY TRUTH. And speaking my truth has opened a whole new world for me…bigger and better than I could have ever imagined." - Stephanie

This work is for you if:


  • You have been feeling frustrated, or uninspired. You know you are allowing old beliefs, and limitations to keep you from being the brave, and expressed person you know you are. 
  • You want help working with past traumas and emotional patterns. To move through what has stopped you from being confident. 
  • You are ready for the deep (and necessary) work of re-parenting yourself and forgiving yourself and others. 
  • You know you have gifts to share but you are having difficulty conveying it. You are tired of comparing and looking outside yourself, and end up with a voice that feels stagnant, worried, unorganized, and unoriginal. 
  • You have a successful business and feel it is missing the heart-led approach.
  • You are tired of feeling less than, blocked by self-judgmental stories, and overly worried about how others will perceive you.

Do you want to...

  • Build offerings that encompass your rich life, studies, practices, and ideas of service, but feel overwhelmed and need a clear, compassionate cheerleader, with integrity (me).
  • Step fully into your leadership heart and build emotional and financial abundance. 
  • Unravel whatever is still limiting you from using your voice freely, especially at times of challenge. 
  • Feel safe, and sensually expressed in your body.  And accept the constantly changing nature of life.
  • Have nourishing partnerships in your life, and continue to pave your own path. 
"Moun is genuine and dedicated, multicultural and compassionate, peaceful and yet strongly passionate about her message, and you can’t seem to not be entranced with her teachings, because it comes from such an authentic place. All these qualities show in her programs. Her unmatched respect for spiritual living , and healing is immeasurable. Hands down her programs are one of the most inspiring, and transformational spaces I’ve ever attended. I’m forever grateful for her presence in my life."  - Jeanette


You are ready to have me as your cheerleader, godmother, mirror, ally, and accountability support to call out the BS, to remind you of your true potential and who you came here to be.  

I am here to go there with you, wherever there is, I will go with you. 

I am deeply committed to my clients and students, particularly with who I work. If you believe this is for you, it’s essential that you are committed as well, and have genuine respect for your life, healing, this practice, and expression. 

From my extensive experience in healing emotional patterns and relationships, extensive time in retreat and Buddhist studies, and being a born facilitator, I offer a unique and powerful approach to using the intelligence of our minds to uncover unconditional love for a life of meaning and joy. 


"Working with Moun has been LIFE-CHANGING. She has taught me so many practices and ideas that have helped me develop a new friendship with myself and radically shift my perception of the world around me. I now live every day with gratitude, inspiration, enthusiasm, and love. She has truly become one of my dearest teachers and my great spiritual godmother." - Dominique

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